Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services

We assembly THT, SMT and combined technologies

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We provide complex electronics supply according to your design at a  reasonable price and high quality.
Just order and we will solve the rest for you!

As part of a flexible manufacturing process, all products go through individual stages, in which individual production operations are recorded in ERP system by our production traceability system TerMan.

PCB mounting

  • We assembly printed circuit boards with SMT and THT technology.
  • We assembly THT components by hand and use selective soldering wave or full-tunnel soldering wave to solder them.
  • We assembly SMD components by JUKI machines.
  • We store moisture-sensitive SMD components in a drying cabinet X-TREME BASIC 2 - 1250 l.
  • We use the ERSA Versaflow 3/45 selective soldering system with nitrogen atmosphere protection and the Ersa Powerflow e N2 full-tunnel soldering wave with nitrogen atmosphere protection to solder THT components.
  • Optical inspection of soldered PCBs is performed at 2 workplaces with optical inspection machines MEK FDAz520.
  • Optical inspection of soldered SMD components without terminals or components with hidden ball terminals is performed on X-ray Phoenix microme | x neo.
  • Optical inspection of correctly applied solder paste or glue in places for placement of SMD components with hidden ball terminals is performed on a Lynx Evo dynoscopic non-ocular stereomicroscope.
  • We perform PCB depanelization, encapsulation of electronics with a two-component compound.
  • We clean the PCB in a single-chamber spray dishwasher Super SWASH IIR+
  • We perform functional tests, programming, calibration.
  • We perform repairs at the PDR IP XT5P repair station for BGA/SMT elements, which uses infrared technology.
  • PCB protective varnishes are applied on a painting line equipped with a Nordson ASYMTEK SL-940E automatic machine and aNordson ASYMTEK Curano II IR curing oven.

We use the production capacity of three assembly lines